Bojanić Audio & Mastering Services provides musicians, artists and bands the opportunity to have professional sounding recordings without facing high-end studio fees. 

Whether you're a label, a signed band or a home musician, our flexible rates mean you can have professional quality digital audio mastering at an affordable price that suits your budget.

Additional services available include full track mixing and stem mastering.

Please read our FAQ section before submitting your tracks to

What is Mastering?
Mastering is a vital process in the final stages of post-production, be it a full album or just one track.

Once you have a final stereo mix, this gets sent for mastering for a range of corrective and creative techniques to bring further clarity and depth resulting in a fuller, richer and polished track.

Why do I need Mastering?
Whether you're sending off your demo or self-releasing a single/album, mastering is essential if you want your tracks to stand out against the competition. 

If you're still unsure about what mastering is and why it's essential for your music, the best example is to have a listen for yourself to hear the difference between an unmastered track and mastered track >>>